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Helper Cell Surface Marker Panel, Blood

Performing Laboratory

Charleston Area Medical Center, Inc.


Flow Cytometry

Includes CD4/CO3, CD3/CD3, CD14/C45, and CD4/CO8 ratio.

Useful for monitoring and diagnosing immunodeficient patients.

Note: West Virginia state law requires a patient consent for HIV related testing.

Specimen Requirements

Specimens are routinely accepted Monday through Thursday only. If a specimen is sent on Friday, specimen must be in laboratory and available for testing by 10 a.m.


Draw blood in a lavender-top (EDTA) tube and a yellow-top (ACD [solution B]) tube, and send 5 mL of EDTA whole blood and 10 mL of ACD (solution B) whole blood. Do not transfer blood to other containers. Forward promptly at ambient temperature only. Specimen cannot be frozen.

Note: 1. Collection date and time are required on request form for processing.

2. A pathology/diagnostic report, name and telephone number of ordering physician, and a brief history are essential to achieve a consultation fully relevant to ordering physician’s needs.

Reference Values

CD4: 23-71%; 400-1,663/cu mm

CD8: 7-47%; 100-1,251/cu mm

CD4/CD8 ratio: >2.0

Day(s) Test Set Up

Monday through Friday

Test Classification and CPT Coding

88180-flow cytometry, each reported antibody

88325-pathology consultation